Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Murder by the Pool (1949): Fantasy Movie.

Murder by the Pool(1949). Suspense film. Cast: Esther Williams, Carole Landis and Humphrey Bogart. Director: Alfred Hitchcock.

Soon after Esther is found drowned in the pool, Miami City police question, a promoter who sponsored Esther's swim routines. The Police, asks Bogart to tell them how he met Esther and Bogart begins his story: One day, Bogart goes with a couple of buddies to the pool where Esther works as a life guard. Impressed with her beauty takes her to the Swim Club and helps her get invited to the patio party of Alfred Hitchcock. By the end of the evening Esther is offered a huge part in one of Hitchcock's films. After her meeting with Hitchcock, Esther tells Bogart that she is going to swim in the pool without him. Feeling betrayed, he grabs his towel and heads for the showers and that was the last time he saw her.

As Esther's sister Carole, begins sharing her side of the story: she tells the police that she does not believe that Bogart is guilty of drowning her sister. She informs them that after Esther was swimming with Bogart, the pool man had been cleaning the pool while she was practicing her swim number. Bogart, believes that the police are determined to pin the killing on him. Will Carole, help him prove his innocence?


monty said...

Nice one Dawn. Did Esther ever do a film noir for real? That is a nice story that you thought of. Definitely would like to have seen that one. And I like how you went into detail involving Esther's sister and then teaming up with Bogart to find her sister's real killer. Yes, that sounds like a must see. I will try to think of another one soon.

Dawn said...

Thank you Monty, Off the top of my head, I do not believe that Esther Williams did any Film Noirs. I'm looking forward to your next fantasy film.

Java Bean Rush said...

I've never heard of this film. Thanks so much for mentioning it. :)