Tuesday, April 20, 2010

In The Pursuit Of Love

                                                        IN THE PURSUIT OF LOVE

Hey Dawn,

So here is my fantasy movie had Cary Grant paired up with Esther Williams. The title is In The Pursuit Of Love and Cary plays suave playboy Peter Lassister who refuses to settle down with any one woman. That is until he sees Liz Watson, a model who aspires to be a swimming champion. Peter pursues Liz instantly while trying to avoid the clutches of  rich society girl Ann Pendergast (played by Joan Caulfield). All the while reporter Stu Blanchard (Eddie Albert) is trying to be be the first to get the story on Lassiter finally settling down. Of course Liz has no time for romance as she is busy trying to compete in swimming competitions. And listening to her seen it all best friend Sally (Betty Hutton). Of course things will eventually get sorted by the two leads and they fall in love by the end of the movie. Directed by George Cukor and released in 1950. That's how I would have done it and how I see it in my head. What do you think Dawn? Can you think of a actor who you would have liked to seen with Esther and make up a little story and cast to go along with it. It's pretty cool once you start thinking about and it changes up the pace of posting reviews and bios and regular stuff.


Dawn said...

Monty, I would like to see " IN THE PURSUIT OF LOVE".. Sounds like a fun movie... For my movie... I'm thinking of a film Noir..

monty said...

Cool Dawn..I can't wait to hear yours..