Sunday, September 26, 2010

Video: On An Island With You(1948)

This is the scene where Larry circles the set once in an airplane with Rosalind on board, but he flies the plane to the tropical island where they first met. Larry wants one dance with her before he returns her to the set. Rosalind, says she will kiss him to prove that she has no feelings for him, but the kiss shows that she is an attracted to Larry.


Java Bean Rush said...

I've like this movie for a long time,but even with someone as charming as Peter Lawford the danger of the stalker element is not easy to ignore.

This dark premise wouldn't have been my first choice for a frothy musical comedy. Perhaps that's why I like it - it's different.

Dawn said...

Java Bean Rush, On an Island With You, is one of my favorite Esther Williams movies. Peter Lawford character a stalker? Humm... you are right, but... he is so handsome I did not notice. :)