Sunday, January 24, 2010


A Guy Named Joe(1943). Director: Victor Fleming. Producer Everett Riskin, from the screenplay written by Dalton Trumbo. Cast: Spencer Tracy, Esther Williams(a very small part), Irene Dunne and Van Johnson.

Pete Sandridge, an American pilot stationed in England, during World War II. Is known for his reckless flying. After a dangerous mission, Nails decides to transfer Pete and his best friend, pilot Al Yackey, to a safer reconnaissance base in Scotland. While there, Pete and Al become bored with their new assignment and happy to see Dorinda, fly in for a visit. Dorina gets an uneasy feeling that Pete's "number is up." She begs Pete to go to the States and become a flying instructor. Dorinda promises that she will give up flying, if he goes home. If not, she will transfer to Australia. Finally, he agrees to go back home. Al comes in with the news, that they must leave for a flight to a large German aircraft carrier. On the flight, Pete is attacked by a German plane. After being shot, he orders his crew to bail out, then flies onto the carrier.

In the clouds, Pete walks toward another flyer and recognizes his old friend, Dick Rumney. Suddenly he remembers that Dick went down with his plane, Pete says "either I'm dead or I'm crazy," and Dick replies, "You're not crazy." Pete meets the General, (one of the first flyer's who has since past,) who gives him an assignment to return and share his knowledge to help other flyer's. Pete and Dick go to a military flying school in Arizona, where Pete becomes a ghost tutor to Ted Randall. Pete guides him through training, becoming very proud of him.

I love movies like, Heaven Can Wait and The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. This film has wonderful World combat action mixed in with a little romance.. Never a dull moment.



"The Army Air Corps Song"
Written by Robert Crawford
Played during the opening credits and partially sung by an off-screen male chorus
Played as background music often and at the end

"I'll Get By"
Music by Fred E. Ahlert
Lyrics by Roy Turk
Played on harmonica by Ward Bond, sung by Irene Dunne and danced by her and Spencer Tracy
Played also in a juke box
In the score often as a leitmotif for the love between Irene Dunne and Spencer Tracy

"I'll See You in My Dreams"
Music by Isham Jones
Lyrics by Gus Kahn
Played in a bar as dance music and danced by Irene Dunne and Spencer Tracy and other couples

"How About You?"
Music by Burton Lane
Lyrics by Ralph Freed
Hummed by Don DeFore

"St. Louis Blues"
Written by W.C. Handy
Partially sung a cappella by Don DeFore

"Fight On"
Music and Milo Sweet
Lyrics by Milo Sweet and Glen Grant
Sung a cappella by Don DeFore
(USC's Official Fight Song)

"Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree"
Music by Sam H. Stept
Lyrics by Charles Tobias and Lew Brown
Played on piano by an unidentified woman and sung by Army Air Force men

"Bridal Chorus"
aka (Here Comes the Bride)
From "Lohengrin" (1850)
Written by Richard Wagner
Played by an Army Air Corps Band after Dorinda and Ted become engaged

"I'm A Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas"
Written by Phil Baxter
Performed by Don DeFore


Paul 2 said...

Dawn one of my favorite Victor Fleming films. BTW did you know that it was remade as the film Always?

Dawn said...

Paul, I have not seen the film Always. But, I Always wanted to..:D