Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thanks Dawn...

Just wanted to write a quick post to thank Dawn for inviting me to contribute on The Esther Williams blog she has created. As I told her I've only seen a few of Esther's films but enjoyed them immensely. But I wanted to share my thoughts and reviews of this very talented lady. The handful movies with her that I've seen are Skirts Ahoy, Neptune's Daughter, Million Dollar Mermaid, Dangerous When Wet and I think Easy To Love. So I can at least share my thoughts on those fine films. And I saw on her bio that she is currently alive. She is one of the last few legends of classic cinema that is still with us. That's good news to hear. Anyway, I can't wait to get started after I come back from West Virgina to visit family. And also to start another blog dedicated to screwball comedies. Everyone have a great holiday. See ya in the new year.
Esther Williams
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Dawn said...

Thank you Monty.:)LQQKING forward to your reviews.